Announcing The Seaforth Highlanders' 2019 Italy Tour

Join the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada as we embark on a tour of remembrance following our route of liberation across Italy.

The tour will trace the footsteps of the Regiment from the landings on Sicily in 1943 to the crossing of the Savio River (where Smokey Smith won his V.C.) in Northern Italy over a year later.

Some of the highlights of the tour will include visits to the towns of Agira, Leonforte, Ortona and Cassino, the Agira and Moro Canadian War Cemeteries, and historical walks that will follow specific actions unique to the Regiment.

Priority to participate in the tour is given first to serving members of the Seaforths, then members of the Regimental Association, and finally interested members of the public.

For additional information please contact HCol Hoffmeister

W Michael Patience