Return to Agira on DVD


Good news! Copies are available of the new DVD about Operation Husky 2013!

The DVD was commissioned by the Seaforth Highlanders. It presents a short film about OpHusky2013 with a focus on the Seaforth experience, the full concert of the Seaforth Pipes and Drums in Agira, and special features. Meanwhile, fundraising continues in order to complete a full-length documentary about the amazing trip we shared together last summer.

Thanks to Rod Hoffmeister, Hon. Lt-Col of the Seaforths and OpHusky2013 marcher, for the opportunity to make this DVD for all to enjoy.

It’s just a taste of what we can do with the full-length documentary, which we expect to complete for audiences in 2014.

Copies of the DVD are availabe in the Seaforth Kit Shop.