The Seaforth Highlanders

of Canada

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada are Vancouver’s infantry regiment, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a reserve force in the Canadian Forces, The Seaforth Highlanders have served in times of war, humanitarian and disaster relief and in peacemaking efforts abroad, and during times of civil emergency at home.  The Regiment is comprised of volunteer soldiers who offer their time, their commitment to serve, their skills and their ever-lasting dedication to achieving the Canadian freedoms we enjoy today.


Are you a former or currently serving Seaforth soldier or former cadet? Do you have family who were or are in the Regiment or the Cadet Corps? Consider joining the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Regimental Association.

In 1917 the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Regimental Association was formed to promote the welfare of former soldiers and develop esprit de corps.

Today the Regimental Association provides support for:

  • serving members of the Regiment
  • the six Seaforth Cadet Corps
  • the Pipes & Drums
  • the preservation of the Regiment’s history, heritage and traditions.

Current fundraising initiatives include:

  • digitizing the collection of the Seaforth Regimental Museum
  • Operation Husky 2013, a return to Sicily 70 years after the WW2 landing.
  • developing and supporting the Regimental and Cadet shooting programs
  • placing a plaque in Ortona to commemorate the 1943 Ortona Christmas Dinner

Association members are encouraged to attend all Seaforth activities such as the Vimy and Ortona dinners, as well as other functions and parades. The Remembrance Day parade is the defining event for the Regimental Association, as it brings all the Seaforth family together to reflect on and remember our past as well as reconnect with our fellow Seaforths.

The annual membership dues are $20.00 for regular members and associates (friends and family of the Seaforths). By becoming a member and participating in events you can help the Regimental Association achieve its goals.

If you are interested in joining, apply online or download the pdf form. Members can renew online by credit card or download the pdf and pay by cash or cheque.

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada deserve your support!

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada