The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Museum & Archives

We are currently open by appointment only.  To schedule a visit please e-mail James Calhoun, Archivist and Museum Curator, at

The museum & archives are located within the Seaforth Armoury at 1650 Burrard St. in Vancouver. 

We currently have museum displays around the parade square, in several hallways, and within the third floor messes and Anderson Room; all are in various stages of completion.

The archives are located on the second floor of the armoury and can be consulted by those wishing to research the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada.  Our archive is extensive, though is not yet at the organizational stage where we can instantly say whether we have photographs or documents relating to specific individuals.  However, we are keen to assist you in your research and will do everything we can to answer whatever questions you may have.










Seaforth Armoury

1650 Burrard Street,
Vancouver, BC V6J 3G4



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