AGM Minutes


Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Regimental Association


4050 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver BC V6R 1P6


Classroom, Seaforth Lines, Jericho Garrison 

Annual General Meeting, 20 May, 2015


  • Call to order 2005 hours
  1. Annual meeting of Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Association
  2. Email notices were sent out to all current and former members of the Association.
  3. Email reminders were sent out
  • Moment of silence for fallen comrades.
  • Review of interim financial statements:

Membership dues are down significantly, kit shop sales are down, Seaforth Hockey team sponsorship very well utilized by all ranks, bursary donations being received and made available to regimental family, Vimy Dinner broke even, balance sheet $12,800.00, accounts receivable $1,200.00 Vimy Dinner subsidy from Seaforth Foundation, $56,00.00 members equity.

  • President’s remarks:

Vimy Dinner had 182 attend, largest attendance in twenty-four years, very successful event.

  • Special resolution:
  1. Bylaw 27, to reduce minimum number of Directors from five to three. (Ciccone, MacDonald) All in favour. Passed.
  • Election of new Executive:

Al Baylis Chairperson of Nominations Committee report:

  1. Proposed slate:

President: Josh Muir (by acclimation)

Secretary: Patrick Farrell (by acclimation)

Treasurer: Kent Fabian (by acclimation)

Director-at large: Rod Hoffmeister, Padre Neill McRae and Rick Ciccone. (by acclimation)

  1. Life membership nominations: None at this time.
  • New business: None at this time.
  • Call for adjournment:

2020 hours