Vancouver's infantry Regiment

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada are Vancouver’s infantry regiment, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  First established on November 24, 1910 by a group of members in the local Vancouver Scottish community, these individuals sought to raise a local Canadian Highland Regiment in association with The Seaforth Highlanders of the Imperial Service.

As a reserve force in the Canadian Forces, The Seaforth Highlanders have served in times of war, humanitarian and disaster relief and in peacemaking efforts abroad, and during times of civil emergency at home.  The Regiment is comprised of volunteer soldiers who offer their time, their commitment to serve, their skills and their ever-lasting dedication to achieving the Canadian freedoms we enjoy today.


The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada have served as volunteer soldiers, supporting Canada in civil defense, in every major Canadian Forces mission overseas, including both WWI and WW2.  When these veterans returned to Vancouver after WWI, they brought with them 18 battle honors in recognition of their strength and courage.  In WW2, despite suffering the highest officer casualty rate of any Canadian unit at that time, the Seaforths had collected 25 more battle honors, for a grand total of 42.

Following the WW2, The Seaforths reverted to peace-time Reserve status, but continued training for civil defense tasks. The Regiment also provided a rifle company that served with the 1st Canadian Highland Battalion as part of Canada's NATO contribution in Germany. The regiment has gone on to contribute to it’s history and adding Afghanistan to it’s battle honours. Over time, tens of thousands of Vancouverites have proudly served as part of Canada’s Seaforth Highlanders, and have continually sought to maintain peace and prosperity.

Thanks to much of their efforts, the Seaforth Highlanders are responsible for many of the personal freedoms we enjoy today.

Located at the Seaforth Armory on Burrard Street in Vancouver, the Regiment continues to train as infantry soldiers and contribute reserve soldiers to operations both domestically and overseas on an international scale.  In the last 25 years, The Seaforths have deployed on UN and NATO operations in Egypt, Cyprus, The Golan Heights, Namibia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Latvia.

Today, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada continue their service in the Canadian Forces.  After many years of dedicated service, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada are a proud family of citizens.  The friendships that are forged under the Regimental Family are continuously nurtured in Seaforth tradition and last a lifetime.

Even today, The Seaforths continue to showcase the traditional military musical repertories of bagpipes and drums (pipes and drums).  Membership in the regiment also continues to grow.