Announcing Veterans/Military Ball Hockey at Seaforth Armoury

Announcing ‘PASS’ (‘Purpose After Service through Sport’), a new initiative to bring together serving soldiers and veterans. It is being sponsored jointly by UBC (Psychology of Exercise, Health, and Physical Activity Laboratory), The Centre for Group Counselling & Trauma (CGCT) and Treble Victor Group.


We are all acutely aware of veteran suicide and related issues. This initiative serves to re-connect former service people with the CAF, provide a conduit for vet service provision and have a beer afterwards.

The first ball hockey game drops Friday September 20th at 1745 at the Seaforth Armoury, and will continue each Friday night until December 6th.

To register please end an email to:

It would be great to have a few regimental teams, in addition to the old and bold. Attached is a poster for your reference.

Please feel free to disseminate widely!!

W Michael Patience