The Seaforth Highlanders

of Canada

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada are Vancouver’s infantry regiment, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a reserve force in the Canadian Forces, The Seaforth Highlanders have served in times of war, humanitarian and disaster relief and in peacemaking efforts abroad, and during times of civil emergency at home.  The Regiment is comprised of volunteer soldiers who offer their time, their commitment to serve, their skills and their ever-lasting dedication to achieving the Canadian freedoms we enjoy today.

Trevor Greene’s Recovery Has Been Slow and Painful


The National Post - Brian Hutchinson Mar 2, 2012 – 8:06 PM ET There were times when Trevor Greene didn’t want to soldier on. One of those moments came without warning, two years after the incident in Kandahar, when he’d been attacked by an axe-wielding teenager. His brain was left damaged. His arms and legs no longer worked. His recovery was slow and painful. The setbacks and disappointments were taking their toll, on his body, on his mind.

Rats had infested his body, he told himself. They were devouring his stomach, gnawing at his heart.

“I’ve gone completely insane,” he raged, directing all of his frustration and anger at the person closest to him, the woman who believed in him, the mother of their child.

“You’re not going insane,” Debbie said. “This is part of the recovery.”

“This is permanent,” Trevor insisted. He was verbally abusive. He was short with their three-year-old daughter, Grace. He wasn’t the caring, self-assured army reservist who had gone off to war. This was someone else.

“I’m going straight to hell,” he said.

“You are not going straight to hell.”

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The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada