Dining Out of Capt. W. Annand, CD CWO P. Gormley, CD CWO M. Bain, CD


Dining Out - Sept 27, 2014 On September 27, 2014 the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada hosted a Dining Out of the former Adjutant, Capt. Annand, former RSM, CWO Gormley, and former Pipe Major, CWO Bain. The venue was at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club which proved to be a wonderful atmosphere.

There were many looks of puzzlement shown by the nautical members of the club, which quickly turned to a look of pleasure when the Pipes and Drums struck up. A group of retired navy veterans were very pleased when their Head Table was piped in for their function that was also on the night. The party went well into the early hours with the honoured guests being well mugged out in style.

The Regiment wishes the three members of the family the very best for the future