The Netherlands Battlefield Tour


d59220_48058f479b604222b5f92986ac30e7c0.jpg_srz_828_367_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz We are yet again eagerly preparing for our annual journey to the Netherlands to represent, honour, participate, and celebrate with our fellow Canadians and Dutch. This year is especially memorable as we come together in the 70th year since the Liberation of Holland. After 28 years of embarking on this life changing journey with Canadian Veterans & their families, our relationship with the towns and cities we visit and impact is stronger than ever. And in this much anticipated year, this means we can offer resources and opportunities like never before.

To add to the excietment, we have developed a three part program so that you can get exactly what you want out of the 70th Liberation.

Due to the growing anticipation for this long awaited program, (those who have joined us on the 60th Anniversary will know just how long that wait was!) this three part tour will start our journey along the coastlines of Normandy, and continues on to the celebrations of Holland. To complete the story, we will end our tour in Berlin. Choose traveling from D-Day to Holland, Holland to Berlin, or joining us simply for the Liberation on our Holland Only option.

We welcome our returning Liberation travellers and encourage newcomers to join us also in a comfortable small group environment.

Venture back with us and follow the story to Holland where we will experience together the events, ceremonies and appreciation of Canada's role in the Liberation of Holland in this memorable year.

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